Students First Day of School------------------Tuesday, August 19
Labor Day Holiday/Non Student Day-------Monday, September 1
End of 1st Grading Period----------------------Friday, October 17
Non-Student Day----------------------------------Monday, October 20
Veterans Day/Non Student Day--------------Tuesday, November 11
Fall Break--------------------------------------------Mon-Fri, November 24-28
Students Return to School--------------------Monday, December 1
Winter Break---------------------------------------Monday-Friday, Dec 22-Jan 2
Students Return to School--------------------Monday, January 5
End of 2nd Grading Period--------------------Friday, January 16
MLK Jr. Holiday/Non-Student Day----------Monday, Januray 19
Non-Student Day----------------------------------Tuesday, January 20
FL State Fair Day/Non Student Day---------Friday, February 6
Spring Break----------------------------------------Mon-Fri, March 9-13
Students Return to School--------------------Monday, March 16
End of 3rd Grading Period---------------------Friday, March 27
Non-Student Day----------------------------------Friday, April 3
Memorial Day/Non Student Day--------------Monday, May 25
Last Day of School/
End of 4th Grading Period----------------------Friday, June 5
(dismissal is 2.5 hours early)

Each Monday
school releases one
hour early.
School hours are from
8:05am to 2:15pm.
There are no sign outs
after 1:30 pm
(12:30pm on Mondays).
2014-2015 Student Academic Calendar
Students First Day of School--------------------Tuesday, August 19
Labor Day Holiday/No School--------------------Monday, September 1
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards----------------------Friday, September 5
You Say When Spirit Night, 12-9pm-----------Tuesday, September 9
New Panther Parent Breakfast-----------------Friday, September 12
General PTA Meeting, 6:30pm------------------Thursday, September 18
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1----------------------------Friday, September 26
CKOTM/Terrific Kids Awards--------------------Friday October 3
East Coast Pizza Spirit Night, 2-10pm--------Tuesday, October 7
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1----------------------------Friday, October 10
Fall/Yearbook Picture Day-----------------------Wednesday October 15
End of 1st Grading Period-----------------------Friday, October 17
No School---------------------------------------------Monday, October 20
Fall Festival/Food Truck Rally, 5-7pm--------Thursday, October 23
Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Night, 4-8pm------Wednesday, November 5
Report Card Pick-up Night, 4-7:30pm--------Thursday, November 6
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards---------------------Friday, November 7
Veteran's Day Celebration & PTA Veteran's Day Breakfast - Monday November 10
Veterans Day/No School-------------------------Tuesday, November 11
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1---------------------------Friday, November 21
Fall Break/No School------------------------------Mon-Fri, November 24-28
Students Return to School----------------------Monday, December 1
PDQ Spirit Night, All day--------------------------Wednesday, December 3
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards---------------------Friday, December 5
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1---------------------------Friday, December 12
Holiday Program------------------------------------Tuesday, December 16
Free Family Movie Night, 6:30-8:30pm-------Thursday, December 18
Can Parade & Candy Cane Gram--------------Friday, December 19
Winter Break/No School--------------------------Monday-Friday, Dec 22-Jan 2
Students Return to School----------------------Monday, January 5
East Coast Pizza Spirit Night, 2-10pm--------Tuesday, January 6
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards---------------------Friday, January 9
PTA Popcorn Sale, $1------------------------------Friday, January 9
Muffins for Mom, 7:30am Media Center-----Wednesday, January 14
General PTA Meeting, 6:30pm------------------Thursday, January 15
End of 2nd Grading Period----------------------Friday, January 16
MLK Jr. Holiday/No School-----------------------Monday, Januray 19
Non-Student Day------------------------------------Tuesday, January 20
You Say When Spirit Night-, 12-9pm----------Tuesday, February 3
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards---------------------Thursday, February 5
Report Card Pick-up-------------------------------Thursday, February 5
FL State Fair Day/No School--------------------Friday, February 6
Spring Picture Day---------------------------------Wednesday, February 11
Valentines Day Grams----------------------------Friday, February 13
Sweetheart Dance---------------------------------Friday, February 13
Panther Run-----------------------------------------Friday, February 27
Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Night, 4-8pm------Tuesday, March 4
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards---------------------Friday, March 6
Spring Break/No School-------------------------Mon-Fri, March 9-13
Students Return to School---------------------Monday, March 17
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1--------------------------Friday, March 20
Family Movie Night, 6:30pm-------------------Thursday, March 26
End of 3rd Grading Period---------------------Friday, March 27
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards--------------------Thursday, April 2
Non-Student Day----------------------------------Friday, April 3
You Say When Spirit Night, 12-9pm---------Tuesday, April 7
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1--------------------------Friday, April 10
Report Card Pick Up------------------------------Thursday, April 16
CKOTM/Terrific Kid Awards--------------------Friday, May 1
PDQ Spirit Night, 4-8pm-------------------------Tuesday, May 12
PTA Sno-Cone Sale, $1--------------------------Friday May 8
PTA General Meeting----------------------------Thursday, May 21
Patrol Picnic ----------------------------------------Friday, May 22
Memorial Day/Non Student Day----------------Monday, May 25
5th Grade
Field Trip--------------------------------Friday, May 29
Awards, Kindergarten----------------------------Monday June 1
Awards, 2nd & 3rd---------------------------------Tuesday June 2
Awards, 1st & 4th----------------------------------Wednesday June 3
Grade Banquet--------------------------------Thursday June 4
Awards, 5th-------------------------------------------Friday June 5

Last Day of School
End of 4th Grading Period-----------------------Friday, June 5
(dismissal is 2.5 hours early)
2014/2015 School Events
Academic Calendar & School Events